Wednesday, 15 February 2017

GB professor selected for UNESCO award

A young professor from Gilgit Baltistan division of Pakistan has been selected for grant of UNESCO in green chemistry- he is selected because of his work, on an innovation idea in the field of pesticides.

In this competitive award, Dr. Ismail is not only first Pakistani but first ever person from any developing nation. The award is given to Six scientists around the world in 2016.
On the selection, he said that he is happy and feels it an honor for himself, his province and definitely for Pakistan. Dr. Ismail belongs to hoper valley of Nagar district. He is currently the head of department in Karakorum international university’s chemistry department.

In his idea and work, he actually proposed developing natural techniques as an alternative of pesticides. For the information; pesticides give better result but human health does not have beneficial effect for using these pesticides.

He said that his idea is noble on the note that it links chemistry with biology
, which is actually considered a step ahead in the world of science. He is one of the eminent six persons which have been given the grant to support their research in field of green chemistry. The grant award is a joint programme of PhosAgro (Russia) and international union of pure and applied chemistry.

An international jury in MAY 2016 during it meeting in UNESCO headquarters, selected Dr. Ismail’s idea. In the jury, there were renowned members of world leading research centres from Africa, Southeast Asia and North America.

Dr. Ismail has completed his PhD under the supervision of Dr Atta ur Rehman, former chairman higher education commission, which himself is an eminent professor of chemistry.
The vice chancellor of KIU, Asif Khan said that it a great honor for us that first time a scientist from a developing nation is selected for the award.

Dr. Ismail has completed his post doctorate from U.K. and has two scientific publications in his credit. The selection of this scientist is a proud moment for all of us. Every time world sees news about terrorism and other social evils in Pakistan but his kind of news is like first drop of rain.
The government must also adore his work and give him award and cash prize. This kind of research and innovation culture has to be adopted in our country and universities should change their objective from degree awarding buildings to knowledge houses.

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The pity is, our scientists’ ideas given the prestige and value in outside world but not in our country where the agriculture sector growth is a big issue from last many years. These kinds of local scientists must be given positions in agriculture ministry’s to develop productive idea for the betterment of agriculture in country.


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