Wednesday, 15 February 2017

KPK government technical and vocational initiative

The finance minister of KPK has said that teachers would also receive special incentives like other segment of society in the coming budgets of KPK government. He said this, in a meeting with a delegation of teachers in his office. He said that in the budget we are planning to allocate the funds for the conventional and technical education. He advised that teachers should motivate the students for education in trade and skills. He added that there is a big demand for the hand working labors of KPK in gulf and western countries.

He pointed out the failure of previous governments in the training and proper education of KPK youth and said that previous governments just provided the bogus certificates which did not help them to get respectable jobs.

The minister cleared that this kind of ignorant state should be finished now and said that new autonomous body under TEVTA has been revitalized to take over the charge of all matters related to technical and vocation training and centers. He added that now! The youth members, who will get the certificate from these centers, would get the job for sure.

At the occasion, the members of delegation also presented their demands to the minister including regularization of ad hoc teachers, budget incentives and time scale formula for teachers.
The finance minister said that new classes of technical and vocational training have been started and in their start, the standard and quality factor is also been ensured.

He briefed that in the new technical and vocation training centers, teachers and students would get the order of manufacturing on commercial basis so that apart from training and education; they could also pick various projects to enhance their income. He hoped that passed out graduates’ from these institutes would become the job giver not takers.

He praised the initiatives of his government and said that in this era, an environment of peace and industrialization has begun and youth should have to take advantage of such optimistic environment.
Although, the teacher have presented their demands like time pay scale formula and regularization of ad hoc teachers, also teachers are demanding new incentives –all their demands are genuine and there is no doubt about it. However, when this government will try to ensure the accountability of learning outcome and attendance, the teachers will agitate and this situation has to be tackled right now.

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The teachers, if want these incentives, they have to perform and with honesty and education, result should speak their hard work and competency.

The credit must be given to KPK government for taking such long awaited initiatives as youth needs it.


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