Wednesday, 15 February 2017

PUNJAB HEC 7-point agenda

The Punjab government has set a 7 - point agenda to fill the seats of doctorate faculty members, enhancing the quality of higher education at international level and for overcoming the challenges posed by prevailing situation.

This is said by chairman, Punjab higher education commission, Dr. Nizamuddin, during talk with journalists. He said that he is given the task by CM Punjab to implement the educational agenda to develop the education structure and to meet the challenge of future market economy.

He also said that the 7 point agenda is; establishment of three academies for the training of faculty, scholarship program at university and college level, project of digital libraries, establishment of community colleges on divisional level, production of quality graduates who could fulfill market needs, launch of research programs at different levels of higher education, promotion of culture of education activities like conferences, exhibitions etc. and travel grants for teachers for attending trainings and other programs abroad so that they could know the latest research trends in outside world.

In reply of a question, Dr. Nizamuddin said that we have set specific goal to fill the seats of PHDs as province needs 5000 PhD teachers on immediate basis. He added over next some years, we will work on this goal.

PHEC Chairman said that CM of Punjab wants revolutionary steps in this area of development and he wants the future generation to equip with knowledge to maximize their potential.
Research grants program would be started in higher education learning institutes and relative stakeholders like industry, academia and government will be taken into confidence to promote the culture of world class research.

As far as the financial support and funds for these steps are concerned, chairman said that they have demanded four billion for this work in next fiscal year. He said that it is a really unfortunate that we have no academy for the training of faculty like we have civil services academy for the training of civil servants.

He briefed that during the next year, PHEC would provide the opportunity of training to teachers and education endowment schemes will be launched in higher education institutes.
He also said that internship will be given to fresh graduates so that they could get market based knowledge.

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Te Punjab government even with all the flaws has done better than other provinces. The need of PhD teachers and market based research is the need of the hour and must be given preference.
The promotion of the faculty should be subjected to their performances and training from academy like in civil service, you have to appear for national management course for promotion in Grade 21. These kinds of concepts must also be induced in higher education sector.


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