Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Rehber medical and dental college issue

In Pakistan, since the time, the medical education has been privatized – it has become a common thing. Students, who can pay millions of rupees even if they perform poor in entry test and board exams, can get the admissions. The private medical colleges are the threat to the merit and competency and government don’t know why, tolerating these institutes. They were made so that more children could get the chance to study medicine and help their countrymen but they have become the money making machine, where less performers are admitted and millions of rupees are taken in the name of donation.

These colleges start their operation after the approval on temporary campuses and PMDC and other related offices did not concern to practically look over the infrastructure and other facilities. One of the biggest corruptions in this practice is, you can get the license for the medical institutes even without the teaching hospital which was earlier the requirement for starting medical college.
Similar case has been seen in Lahore, where the future of 100 medical students of Rehbar medical and dental colleges has been put at stake.

Zunair Qazi and Ayaz Qazi had established the Rehbar medical and dental college on a land that was taken on lease from Punjab Rangers and in the college 100 MMBS students are studying up to fourth year. Some say that owners of Ibn e Sina Medical College used their influence sources in Pakistan medical and dental council and built a conspiracy against the college.

The college was running its business and situation was in calm but the rival medical college in collaboration with PMDC convinced Punjab Rangers to cancel the 30 year lease agreement, as per reports.

Now there is a dilemma and students in Rehbar Medical college don’t know how to no worry about their future. They are feeling insecurity about their further study. The management of the Rehbar College has decided to take the matter to the apex Court to save the future of students.
Parent are in extreme worry about the future of their children and they are already working on the legal action to solve the issue but they too have requested the chief of army staff to take a look into matter to save the future of their children.

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The greater responsibility here is of civilian government who had given the permission to start the college at leased land. The role of PMDC is shameful as during the issue of license, were they sleeping? And had not known about the land where the college is built. The government must investigate this matter and culprits should be accounted for their negligence.


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