Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Education in Pakistan, a Dream yet to Come True

Education in Pakistan, a Dream yet to Come True

The education sector of Pakistan is one of the most struggling departments besides there have been many efforts to revamp it from the bottom but to no avail. Every year millions of dreams from the minds which are yet young to explore the world of education are shattered by the poor system of education that prevails in almost all the provinces of the nation which has population exceeding 200 million.

The ignorance towards the sector is a criminal act as the future of the nation is clearly in the hands of the young people which are comprising of the most part of the population of the country. According to e report which is published by the ministry of the education itself is that the number of out of school children are 22.6 million and the worst part is that they might not get a chance to get inside one.

Those who have managed to get into a school are not receiving the quality of education which meets the standards which are being practices worldwide. That is why only seven students which are passed out from the primary school are called as literate. A mis-educated child is a child lost as per famous saying and that is what Pakistan is continuing to do so.

Another condition which is hitting the most of education department is the law and order situation in the country. The country has been in the limelight of terrorism and the terror attacks and suicide bombings on educational institutes have increased in the recent past. As per international media, there have been 82 attacks from 2000 to 2008 on educational institutes in Pakistan but the number of attacks in the years of 2009 to 2013 are reported to be 642 which is a very large number. Among the major attacks, there have been a one in which the gunmen killed a total of 144 students which were in the school in a massacre on December 16, 2014. Those who have had this kind of experiences have not been able to manage to get back to school that easily.

Talking about the gender in the kids which are out of school, more than 50 percent of the population of out of schools kids are girls due to the fact that there are cultures and environments in remote villages of Pakistan where people do not send their girls child to schools. The society overall is unfair to the women in general. According to the World economic forum, Pakistan was ranked second last 143rd out of 144 countries which were assessed on gender equality. The only country below Pakistan was Yemen which was on 144th number.

As per the societal norms, the woman needs to take care of the household and high moral characters but it does not come to the fact that all these things can be only achieved if she is well educated. The dilemma continues to develop in the country and yet there is a lot to be carried out.


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