Sunday, 16 July 2017

Entrepreneurship is the way forward

Entrepreneurship is the way forward

Pakistani education is still running on the lines of conventional cramming and not thinking out of the box kind of theme. The critical thinking and creative approach towards anything is yet not received very well in the schooling system of Pakistan. The education sector is plummeting down and brining in solution and having Entrepreneurship approach is the way forward.

Feeling this dire need of changing the picture all together, many tech savvy entrepreneurs have started trying to change the things around and want to introduce certain concepts in the education system which welcomes Entrepreneurship approach and creative thinking.

One of the above mentioned entrepreneurs is Badar Khushnood who has launched a development program which will enhance the Entrepreneurial skills and awareness in the students who are in the age of learning which is 8 to 15 years. Badar is the cofounder of which is an organization which seeks to groom the students in the early age which is the best age for them not to set their minds on certain things but to question everything that comes in their minds. Questioning is the key to the solution and that is what the organization is looking into. They want to impart the students the ability to question and with questions comes curiosity and with curiosity comes solution which eventually turn into the enterprise and road to Entrepreneurship starts.

The organization was launched by Badar and his wife Faiza Badar who is the mind behind the startup and their main challenge is to convince the parents to involve their kids in the activity. The startup aims to teach the students to understand the Entrepreneurship through writing, financial, research, presentation, creative thinking and problem solving skills. The module has a lot of other techniques which will be imparted through the program.

Well the very first question that comes in the mind is that how a child of such small age can learn all the tech savvy fields mentioned up there. Khushnood mentioned in his interview that the conventional schooling in Pakistan is creating the corporate slavery. He mentioned that the curriculum is still old age and has not been updated according to the market demands and latest inventions. We are producing doctors and engineers but out course outline is yet many years old which creates a mismatch between what we are producing and what modern world is asking for.

He also stated the stats that the country is producing more than 250,000 graduates each year and out of which only 50000 are those who are able to grab a suitable field related jobs. In the Silicon Valley of USA, there are a lot of jobs but we cannot grab them due to the fact that we have not that skill set which the valley is looking for. He said that if every student will be looking out for jobs then chaos will remain there. We need to develop Entrepreneurs who will be able to bring the jobs in the market and the balance should be appropriate in the job seekers and job providers. He is very positive that his organization will bring a change in the mindset of a student in Pakistan.


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