Friday, 14 July 2017

International aid is increased for Pakistan in education sector

International aid is increased for Pakistan in education sector

Internationally the amount in term of aid to be spend in the sector of education in the world has been decreased but the case is different for Pakistan. The amount which is to be spend as an AID in Pakistani education sector has increased in the recent year as revealed by a new policy paper published recently.

According to the published paper, the aid to education is Stagnating over the world and the countries which are in the most need are not getting the most of it. The paper was released by the Global Education Monitoring Report which was issued by UNESCO. The aid which is allocated to the education globally has been decreasing in the past six year.

However, the trend is showing something different when studied for Pakistan. The country has received the highest ever aid for education which USD 649 million. The data which is suggested in the report says that the aid which Pakistan received in the year of 2014 was 586 million USD which has increased to the 649 million USD in the year 2015. Same report also compares the amount of aid which the countries in the South Asian region received. Pakistan is also on top in that list as India is on second number with 589 million USD in 2015.

The aid which was given to Pakistan is to be used for basic learning and education in Pakistan. Around 58 percent of the total amount of aid was to be allocated to improve the basic education of the country. The country has also been reported to have the largest number of out of school kids among the 144 countries. Only country that is behind Pakistan is Yemen and Pakistan is at 143rd ranking in that category.

The overall data about education in the world has been decreasing. For now, the total aid that the world has received in education is 12.0 billion USD which is 4 percent lower than what was allocated back in 2010 however the sector which is receiving more aid is development sector which has increased up to 24 percent in the same period of time.

Even the basic education aid which was 4.8 billion in 2014 is now increased up to 5.2 billion USD in Pakistan in one year. The basic education is mainly focused on increase in quality and support to pre-primary and primary education. However, the secondary education aid is just 19 percent of the total aid.

Irina Brokova who is UNESCO Director General said in a press statement that the overall donors have shifted their aid from the countries which are in the most need to other sectors. We need to increase the aid multiplied to six at least to achieve the common goal.

Among the countries which are the largest donors are UK and USA who are donating the basic education but they have reduced their allocations by 11 percent and 9.0 percent respectively. However, among the countered which have increased the amount are Norway and Germany with 50 and 34 percent respectively. It is a good thing for Pakistan that more aid is coming in Education sector however it needs to be spend in a better way.


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