Saturday, 15 July 2017

Master Ayub continue to change students’ lives

Master Ayub continue to change students’ lives

There is a unique kind of school located in the Sector F6 park of Islamabad which has no walls and no proper class rooms but is located in an open park of the sector and is known as Master Ayub’s school. Master Ayub has become one of the icons for the students since he has a nontraditional kind of school in which he has been teaching the poor and downtrodden children of the capital. Most of the Islamabadi population is considered of migrants from the KPK and other regions and are carrying out daily waging jobs and are not able to send their kids to the school in capital since they have very high standards thus requires high financial needs.

Master Ayub’s school is the rescue for those parents and has been doing this free of cost service from a long time now. The school has been in full swing from more than 30 years now since the young times of Master Ayub and ever since he has education countless number of children. With no ceiling and walls and in all kinds of weathers, the school continue to operate in both hot and cold weathers of the capital.

Master Ayub’s origin is from Mandi Bahauddin and works as a fire fighter in the capital city but has been involved in his mission to teach the underprivileged kids. Many of his students have made their way to modern day life and managed to get admissions in the colleges and universities on scholarships. Many of the students have pledged to come back to the school and teach the kids since they got through the process and know how important that was for them and how it can change their lives. The teacher’s mission has spread all over and many of his students are teaching the kids voluntarily at their different part of the country like other villages and in their hometowns.

Master Ayub said that he is at peace and is contented with his 33 years long service to mankind and he is very happy to know about his students who are working in certain top notch organization and some are managing their own businesses and living a happy and fruitful life.

He mentioned that these kids who are now living the lives of their dreams through education would have ended up begging in the streets or would have involved in other wrong doings but education is the solution and I am very glad that I have changed live through it.

We talked to one of the students of Master Ayub and he told us that from Kindergarten to Matric, he has been studying at this school and later for his FA, he has been coached by Master Ayub and now he is appearing in the graduation examination. Another student wished to be like a teacher and want to give back to the society by teaching in Master Ayub school.

Master Ayub’s efforts for education are also acknowledged by the government and many awards have been awarded to him for his services. He surely is a true icon of Pakistan.


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