Friday, 14 July 2017

Pakistan Missing out on Millennium development goals

Pakistan Missing out on Millennium development goals

Millennium Development goals which are agreed y most of the nations are the one which are needed to eradicate any social evils which are pertaining in the countries of the world. Pakistan was one of the 191 countries which pledged to eradicate the issues like poverty and education and improve their MDGs. One the main indicators was to focus on education and to achieve the Universal Primary Education by the end of the year 2015 but the country has badly failed to achieve the target.

We had adopted a total of 16 targets and 41 indicators against which we had to achieve the eight goals of the MDGs which we had pledged. Pakistan has not been able to meet them by a larger margin and it doesn’t look very good.

UNDP Pakistan has stated in one of its publication that Pakistan progress in the goal # 2 is badly affected and that goal is covering universal primary education. The nation is off track in achieving the targets which were set for the year 2015 in all three indicators of the universal education. Even those indicators which were completed are not being sustained. The number of the kids which were enrolled through the educational drives and enrollment drives in the villages by talking to the parents of the kids which should be in the school but are not have not been able to sustain. Very few kids continue to graduate from the school and remaining are faded away with the time and leave the school eventually.

The MDGs target of the literacy rate of the Pakistan should be at least 88% by 2015 and Pakistan is lagging behind in the said objective at literacy rate of 58 % which is far behind the set target. A closer data analysis suggests there is a huge disparity in the terms or rural and urban area distribution and gender distribution.

Early childhood education is the basic human right of a freeborn child and the nation has to make sure that every child that is born in the country should be able to learn to a basic level at least. According to the philosophy of Bertnard Russel, it is suggested that the early childhood education is extensively important and this education can develop a specific ideology to the mindset of the kids which can eventually change the mindset of the nation as these kids come into the leadership roles. The most prominent ideologies which have been imparted in the children through early education is in Nazi movement in Germany and Japan etc.

Same is what can be seen in Pakistan as the Madarassas are being treated as a place where kids can be used for a specific ideology. Also the Pakistani educational institutes have always been under the political influence no matter what kind of government the country has had. Even in the times of dictatorship of three decades, the institutes have been a platform for the political basis. Eradicating politics from the institutions alone can solve the problem but this has to be done by the government by bringing in reforms. We are hopeful that country will achieve the goals in the next year.


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