Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Pakistani Schools are job providers but education is yet to be found

Pakistani Schools are job providers but education is yet to be found

Pakistan is one of the largest countries when it comes to the number of out of school children. The countries media and civil society both has been continuously grilling the Pakistani politician on giving the issue least importance in the sector of education. Certain newspaper continues to publish certain articles on low education standards.

All the importance has at least made this topic a debate in many political debates and the budgets are boasting with ever increasing education budge. Also they are committed to prove excellent education facilities and environment to the students. However, the students and parents experience is yet to be improved.

However, the policy which are working on education sector are bringing in budgets but they are being used in the wrong terms. The schools surely are developing the job opportunities for teachers but somehow they are not able to enhance the quality of the education which a standard nation wants to achieve. There is s political aspect to this situation is also present as the political leaders which are working on the vote bank has to pledge about the number of the jobs which they will be offering once they get in power. Thus hiring new education staff is a big opportunity for the political leaders and the amount is spent in that front rather than spending on infrastructure and providing quality to the education.

This is one of the reasons why the education department is the most overstaffed department is this that two purposes are served by spending the budget is that they can boast about the work and investment they are doing in the sector and affirming their vote bank by giving them government jobs which every Pakistani is seeking.

In last year 2016, Pakistani states spent around 17 to 28 percent of their total budget on education whereas the average of the other countries of the world is just 16% but this spending is being done in the wrong front that is why no major change is being observed. The budget has been doubled in all provinces in last 5 years but to no major avail.

Another chunk of the allocated budget is spent in the department of increasing salaries of already present teachers. These reforms help the political parties manage their vote bank but no importance is given to the infrastructure which is basic requirement which includes development of laboratories and computer labs etc.

Another reason of Pakistani education system suffering like this is that new enrollment of the kids in the schools becomes stagnant after sometime. By carrying out a drive, kids are enrolled in the school but no further track is kept and as per record only one in four children which are enrolled through these drives remain in the school till 10th grade. Remaining are phased out in the process. Even those which effort to stay in the school are not exposed to the quality learning.


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