Sunday, 16 July 2017

PhD Application Deadline Extended

PhD Application Deadline Extended

The higher education commission is one of the most privileged institution of the country when it comes to the education sector and the reason is that the organization is all set to help out students who want to achieve excellence in their fields by attaining degrees of notable respect. HEC is the government operated organization which sends out the scholarship to the students on very strict merit basis and help manage their finances as well on scholarship so that the most talented students can get their doctorate degrees from the modern world and play their vital role in the development of the country which will eventually bring in more revenue and progress ways will be opened.

Recently the application for the PhD opting students was open in which the students have to submit al the necessary documents for the application and the process is pretty much vigorous as the documentation is pretty long and a full time job. The deadline was announced earlier was June 30, 2017 and many of the students have had submitted their application well before the deadline but there has been an auspicious occasion of Eid ul Fitr due to which there were three publically announced holidays in the country.

Many students who have been to their homes which are located in the far and remote areas are deprived of internet facilitates and have not been able to complete their long process of application. HEC had received a lot of queries and other requests to extend the deadline for the application submission and since it was the logical reason that students tend to spend Eid in their homes and thus they have to have proper internet access for the application.

Keeping in view the request HEC has extended the date of submission of application of PhD students to July 10 and with 10 more days in the subject, students will be able to apply on time and will be assessed for the further selection.

According to the commission, the scholarship for the doctorate will be awarded to the outstanding students who are pursuing PhD in the fields of engineering and technology, agriculture, business and management sciences, physical sciences, social sciences and medical sciences. Also the scholarship will be handed out to those students who belong to Azad Jamu and Kashmir.

The eligibility criteria suggest that the students who are applying on the program must have 18 years of education in the relevant field with at least an MS or MPhil. Then HEC will be conducting an aptitude test in which they have to score at least 50 percent or above. Then the qualified students will be assessed on open merit and the top students will be awarded the scholarship.

The students who will be coming in the merit list will have to appear in an interview conducted by HEC and relevant country’s team and then a decision will be made for awarding the scholarship. A cound will be signed off by the awardees saying a written agreement that they will have to serve Pakistan after the completion of the degree. We wish best of luck to all the students who are appearing.


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