Saturday, 15 July 2017

Professor Mafia in Pakistani Education

Professor Mafia in Pakistani Education

Pakistani institutes of education are facing a lot of problems and there is no one to rescue every depriving sector of education despite the fact that the government is continuing to allocate a large amount in every budget. Both provincial and national assemblies have increased amount of budget in the education sectors to bring reforms but nothing could be attained so far whatsoever.

Professors are what makes an institutes a worthy enough for students to care enough to get admission to that particular institutes. It’s always the faculty that can differentiate among the institutes.

Professor of the modern day universities in the education sector are busy in enhancing their own profiles and are busy in book reading and publishing papers and procuring the doctorate degrees for their students. Recently a professor who is PHD from Muhammad Ali Jinnah University has set a record for being awarded five PHDs degrees in areas like finance to psychology. This wide range of PHDs have been awarded under the supervision of one person.

However, the standards of the basis course like maths and other sciences are plummeting down. The students’ performance in these basic indicators subjects is not up to the mark. Reason behind is that the overall structure of the education is not at par with the international standards. In comparison to the number of the students in the best universities of US and other modern countries, Chinese and Indian students are in abundance whereas Pakistani students are hardly a few and the reason behind them is that the basic hard sciences are very weak., The Pakistani students are not able to score the required mark in GRE which is the standard test prerequisite for the admission in the best schools of the world.

Obviously there are exceptions, the students who actually have to get to somewhere put in extra efforts and achieve what is desired but we are talking about the overall standards of education so that majority of the students who tend to appear in the GRE should be able to score well. The professors are very fine in their degrees and personal profile but very poor knowledge of the subject thus making them not an impressive teachers and the chain goes upwards. Even the teachers of these new teachers were of the same attitude and the culture is flourishing.

Even historically speaking there was not very much advancement in the education sector in the western Subcontinent in which Pakistan is now located. Even the top notch faculty members took off to India after partition. Pakistan had only one university and a few colleges after its birth but somehow the country grew and developed many national level universities and through young raw talent, Pakistanis have proven their mettle to the world but with right teaching and right professionalism, overall education system can flourish like none else. Pakistani students when guided right by the right professors who are loyal to the field can make wonders. Administration should take serious actions to bring things to the path where impressive teaching comes first than impressive degrees of the professors.


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