Sunday, 16 July 2017

UET congratulate PEC on Washington Accord Status

UET congratulate PEC on Washington Accord Status

Pakistan Engineering counsel is one of the most prestigious institution which deals with the engineering society of the country. Pakistan is one of the largest engineers producing country as the high population country ha a lot of engineering universities and discipline which are in working. Pakistan standard of the education has not been up to the international standards and that is why Pakistani students of engineering had to suffer a lot when going abroad for the degrees or finding the jobs. They had to get their degrees evaluated to the local governments engineering body and for the most of the world like UK and USA, the degrees were not accredited as per the modern world rules.

For this purpose, the Pakistan Engineering council PEC has been working to achieve the status of full signatory at a very highly reputed world known organization names as Washington Accord. In the recently held global forum of International Engineering Alliance, PEC from Pakistan has been awarded as a full signatory of Washington Accord which means Pakistani engineering degrees which are authorized from the Pakistan engineering council will be accredited as engineers in the modern world as well.

This for sure is a great achievement for the engineering students as they will be able to grab more opportunities in the modern world and will be able to prove their mettle in the world known organization. All of this had been made possible by the efforts of PEC and all the credit goes to the organization. Pakistan is also 3rd Islamic state to achieve that After Turkey and Malaysia which is a big step for the nation.

The Vice Chancellor of UET, Professor Dr. Fazal Ahmad Khalid chaired a meeting of deans and head of all the departments of the University of Engineering and Technology where a resolution was passed in which the Pakistan Engineering Council was congratulated on achieving such a high status in the modern world of engineering. The members commended the efforts of the PEC Chairman M Engr Jawad Salim Qureshi, EAQEC Convener Prof Dr. Niaz Ahmad and PEC’s Accreditation Division head Engr Dr Nasir Mehmood Khan who have managed to attain the full signatory status for nation.

In the resolution, the team acknowledged the efforts of the past chairs of the organization which were Engr Rukhsana Zubairi and Engr Abdul Qadir Shah. The PEC worked extremely hard from the time when it first put the application back in 2010 and with untiring efforts, they have been able to achieve it.

Washington Accord full signatory status is not an easy pie to achieve. It can be checked through the fact that only 18 nations have been able to achieve the full signatory status of WA in last 25 years. There is aboard which is assigned from three countries to assess the overall systems of engineering in the applicant country and upon the report submitted to the accord, the decision is made. In Pakistan’s case, the countries which assessed us were North Korea, Germany and United Kingdom.


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