Thursday, 13 July 2017

Washington Accord declares full signatory for Pakistan

Washington Accord declares full signatory for Pakistan

One of the highest prestigious international forum known Washington Accord has declared Pakistan as its full signatory of as International Engineering Alliance. The decision came out from the Annual General Meeting of the forum which was held on June 21, 2017 
Pakistani Engineering related regulatory body named as Pakistan Engineering Council PEC was representing the country in the forum and attained the signatory status of Washington Accord.

The Accord is one of the highly prestigious and acknowledged engineering accreditation of grades and education system and it also grants the equivalence of degrees of the students who have achieved them from other countries. The organization works for providing the equation of a certain degree on international standards and compares them if they are at par with the other top leading countries in the field of engineering.

Pakistan has been trying to achieve the status since 2011 and the Accord gives the status of full signatory after a complete and rigorous checking of the system of engineering education in the applicant country. The organization checks the quality of the education and competency of the engineers which are being produced by the engineering institutions of the country.

The team which is comprised of reviewers for a certain country have 5 team members and each one of them are from 5 different top leading countries of the engineering world. These reviewers check the standards implementation system and assessment system of the engineering students in the applicant country. They also keep in the view of the economy of the country which has applied for the accreditation.

Pakistan has attained the said status as it has managed to attain all the satisfactory level results in almost all the fields which were being reviewed. Final review of Pakistan was carried out by South Korea, New Zealand and United Kingdom and the confidential report was submitted to Washington Accord accordingly. PEC defended the case for different meetings over time and with continuous efforts the country has managed to achieve the full signatory decision unanimously.

The admission system is not very easy for any country to attain and it can be proven from the fact that only 18 countries have managed to get full signatory status in last 25 years and Pakistan is the 19th one to enter in the list. In the list of Islamic countries, Pakistan is the third one to achieve it after Malaysia and Turkey. For nation it surely is a great achievement and the students must be relieved to know that their degrees will be accredited now all over the world which will give them better chances to serve in countries having large impacts and multinational giants.

This accreditation will help the engineering students which are registered with PEC to go through a less rigorous accreditation system and will be able to maintain professional jobs in developed countries. They also have now a great option to work in engineering related consultancies to bring in their own country without bringing in engineers from the other world as they have been accredited as at par with them. This surely is a joyous moment for PEC and engineering students along with Pakistan as a nation.


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